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FTA Satellite TV

FTA Satellite TV

Watch over 250 FREE channels from around the world with no monthly payments

Free TV Channels - Free To Air TV

Free To Air TV is TV services provided through satellite to watch channels and programs from around the world. Order FTA Satellite TV Channels plus galaxy19 free to air satellite channels to get free satellite TV programs. With FTA satellite you can watch over 200 free and paid channels with no monthly payments. 
FTA satellite channels are unencrypted transmission channels from satellite service providers. There are over 400 satellites which provide free and paid satellite TV channels programming from different parts of the world. The signal is typically encoded in MPEG-2
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Satellites & Channels on G19 Satellite
Satellite Names & Directions Galaxy 19 TV Channels Language Radio Stations on Galaxy 19 Language Channel Satellite
W 012.5 KU-EutelSat 3ABN English TV English 3ABN English Radio ALBANIAN RTV21 Galaxy 19
W 015.0 KU-Telstar 12 Dare To Dream English Life Talk Radio ALBANIAN RTV 21 Radio* Galaxy 19
W 022.0 KU-SES 4 3ABN Latino TV Spanish Radio 74 ALBANIAN Top Channel Galaxy 19
W 030.0 KU-Hipsat Smart Lifestyle TV English 3ABN Latino Radio ALBANIAN Top Albania Radio Galaxy 19
W 034.5 KU-Intel 903 LLBN English English TGN Radio AMHARIC Ethiopia TV AMC-4
W 037.5 KU-Telstar 11N LLBN Arabic Arabic Persian Radio AMHARIC Ethiopia TV Galaxy 19
W 045.0 KU-Interl 11 LLBN Latino Spanish City Life Radio ARABIC MTA International AMC-3
W 050.0 KU-Intel 14 Amazing Discoveries English The Overcomer ARABIC Muslim Radio* AMC-3
W 050.0 KU-intel 1R Amazing Facts English 1 Respublika Radio ARABIC Al Iraqiyah Atlantic Bird 1
W 053.0 KU-Intel 707 3ABN Proclaim English Duna World Radio ARABIC 2M Maroc Galaxy 19
W 058.0 KU-Intel 16 Hope Church Channel  IRIB World Service ARABIC ABU DHABI SPORT Galaxy 19
W 061.0 KU- Amazonas Hope Channel English Radio Iran ARABIC Aden Radio* Galaxy 19
W 06700 KU-AMC 3/4 Esperanza TV Spanish Radio Quran ARABIC Alalam News Channel Galaxy 19
W 072.0 KU-AMC 6 Vietface TV Vietnamese Radio Sedaye Ashna ARABIC Al-Fayhaa Galaxy 19
W 083.0 KU-AMC 9 Amirta USA English IRIB World Service ARABIC Al-Forat Galaxy 19
W 085.0 KU-AMC 16 Netviet Vietnamese IRIB World Service ARABIC Al-Iraqiya Galaxy 19
W 087.0 KU-SES 2 TGN  IRIB World Service ARABIC Al Jazeera International (Mostly English) Galaxy 19
W 089.0 KU-Galaxy 28 VTV-4 Vietnamese Kuwait Radio 1 ARABIC Alkarma Galaxy 19
W 094.0 KU-Galaxy 17 TVK  Kuwait Radio 2 ARABIC Al Maghribya Galaxy 19
W 093.1 KU-Galaxy 25 Daystar English Kuwait Holly Quran ARABIC Al Maghribya Radio* Galaxy 19
W 095.0 KU- Galaxy 3C CNL  Radio Congo ARABIC Al Ordoniya Galaxy 19
W 097.0 KU-Galaxy 19 The World Network English Apple Beeper Radio ARABIC Al Qur'aan Al-Kareem* Galaxy 19
W 099.2 KU-Galaxy 16 DMC  CJTL Radio ARABIC ANA RADIO* Galaxy 19
W 101.0 KU-SES 1 Oromiyaa TV  Radio Libertad ARABIC Arabic Channel Galaxy 19
W 103.0 KU-AMC 1 Angel TV English Voice of Russia ARABIC Canal Algerie Galaxy 19
W 105.0 KU-AMC 15 AZ TV  Radio Beograd ARABIC Chaine* from Algiers, also available in French Galaxy 19
W 107.3 KU-Anik F1R Duna World Hungarian Polski Radio 1 ARABIC Dandana Galaxy 19
W 111.1 KU-Aik F2 Service 01  Polski Radio 3 ARABIC EMARAT FM* Galaxy 19
W 113.0 KU-Satmex 6 VBS TV Vietnamese AVR 1 Radio ARABIC Ishtar TV Galaxy 19
W 116.8 KU-Satmex 5 TLA TV1  Fiebre Radio ARABIC JAMAHIRYA Galaxy 19
W 118.8 KU-Anik F3 TLA TV2 Radio ARABIC Jordan Satellite Channel Galaxy 19
W 121.0 KU-Echostar Lao-Thai TV Thai Emirates FM ARABIC KTV 5 Galaxy 19
W 123.0 KU-Galaxy 18 Melli TV Persian Oman Radio ARABIC Main Arabic Prog* Galaxy 19
W 125.0 KU-AMC 21 Ariana AFG Int Persian Syria R1 ARABIC Modern Arabic Radio 103.7* Galaxy 19
W 127.0 KU-H 1 ANB  Syria R2 ARABIC Oman TV Satellite Galaxy 19
W 001.0 C-Eutelsat 10 The Way TV English Syria R3 ARABIC Payame Afghan TV Galaxy 19
W 005.0 C-Eutelsat 5 Ganje E Hozour TV Persian Aden Radio ARABIC Program One* Galaxy 19
W 011.0 C-ExAM 4 Lao Overseas TV Thai Sana'a Radio ARABIC Qatar Radio* Galaxy 19
W 018.0 C-Intel 901 TEN TV Persian Saudi Radio 2 ARABIC Qatar TV Galaxy 19
W 020.0 C-NSS 7 Didar Global Plus Persian Program one ARABIC Radio 2M* Galaxy 19
W 022.0 C-SES 4 Payam-E-Afghan TV Persian Republic of Iraq Radio ARABIC Radio Oman* Galaxy 19
W 024.5 C-Intel 905 Iman TV Persian Sharjah FM ARABIC Radio Sout Al-Sha'ab* Galaxy 19
W 027.5 C-Intel 907 Cinema One CA  Umdurman Radio ARABIC Radio Tunis International* Galaxy 19
W 031.5 C-Intel 25 TFC CA East  Umdurman Holy Quran Radio ARABIC Republic of Iraq Radio* Galaxy 19
W 034.5 C-Intel 93 TFC CA West  Oman Holy Quran Radio ARABIC Salaam TV Galaxy 19
W 037.5 C-NSS 1 Al Mayadeen TV  Radio Quran ARABIC SAUDI 1 CHANNEL Galaxy 19
W 040.5 C-NSS 8 CYC  Bahai Radio ARABIC Sawt al-Islah Radio Galaxy 19
W 043.0 C-Intel 11 iFilm Persian Futbol DP Radio ARABIC Sharjah FM* Galaxy 19
W 045.0 C-Intel 14 Coptic Sat  Saudi Radio 2 ARABIC Sharjah TV Galaxy 19
W 050.0 C-Intel 1R IRIB Persian European Program Radio ARABIC Sudan TV Galaxy 19
W 053.0 C-Intel 23 IRINN Persian Outernet  ARABIC SYRIA Galaxy 19
W 055.5 C-Intel 805 TEN TV Persian WRN Eng Nam ARABIC SYRIAN RADIO* Galaxy 19
W 058.0 C-Intel 9 TV MAL  Radio TV Mision ARABIC The Arabic Channel Galaxy 19
W 061.0 C-Amazonas KTV CH1  KWKW Radio ARABIC Tunisia National Radio* Galaxy 19
W 072.2 C-AMC 6 KTV CH2  Nacion Radio ARABIC TV 7 Satellite Galaxy 19
W 078.0 C-Simon Boliva KTV 3  Star 1 Radio ARABIC TV Orient Galaxy 19
W 083.0 C-AMC 9 CNC World English Star 3 and 4 Radio ARABIC Yemen TV Galaxy 19
W 087.0 C-SES 2 Al Horreya  Star 6 Radio ARABIC Voice of Palestine Radio Channel* Galaxy 19
W 089.0 C-Galaxy 28 Al Nejat Arabic RBN Radio 1 ARABIC Aghapy TV Galaxy 26
W 091.0 C-Galaxy 17 TBN  TSR Radio ARABIC Future TV USA Telstar 12
W 093.1 C-Galaxy 25 Church Channel English Voice of Turkey W ARABIC PALESTINIAN Telstar 12
W 095.0 C-Galaxy 3C Enlace  Voice of Croatia ARABIC Program One* Telstar 12
W 097.0 C-Galaxy 19 Smile of a Child English Narodni Radio ARABIC Radio Quran* Telstar 12
W 099.2 C-Galaxy 16 JCTV  Radio Mir ARABIC SAUDI 1 CHANNEL Telstar 12
W 101.0 C-SES 1 Tele Congo  Makedonsko Radio ARABIC UAE Radio Dubai* Telstar 12
W 103.0 C-AMC 1 Telesur  Chaine 1 ARAMAIC Suroyo TV AMC-4
W 105.0 C-AMC 18 Armenian TV Armenia Radio internationale ARAMAIC Assyriasat Galaxy 19
W 107.3 C-Anik F1R Al Fady  Sonshine Radio ARMENIAN Horizon Armenian TV CIC Galaxy 19
W 111.1 C-Anik F2 RTPi America  LRN FM ARMENIAN Public TV of Armenia Galaxy 19
W 113.0 C-Satmex6 Emmanuel TV  KNLB FM Christian ASSYRIAN ASSYRIA SAT Galaxy 19
W 116.8 C-SM 5 TBN Rodnoy    BENGALI ATN Bangla Galaxy 19
W 118.8 C-AF 3 AON    BENGALI Bangla Radio* Galaxy 19
W 121.0 C-Galaxy 23 ORTM    BENGALI STV Galaxy 19
W 123.0 C-Galaxy 18 Saigon TV Vietnamese   BULGARIAN TV Bulgaria Galaxy 19
W 125.0 C-Galaxy 14 Al Hayat TV Arabic   BULGARIAN TV Bulgaria Telstar 12
W 127.0 C-Galaxy 13 Little Saigan TV Vietnamese   BULGARIAN BYU TV Telstar 12
W 131.0 C-AMC 11 Gem TV Persian   CAMBODIAN CTN Galaxy 19
  Vozrojdente TV    CHINESE Dhamma Channel AMC-4
  CTN Christian TV    CHINESE CCTV 4 Galaxy 3C
  Igra TV    CHINESE CCTV 9 Galaxy 3C
  Soyuz TV    CHINESE Da Ai 2 TV Galaxy 19
  TVK    CHINESE Hwazan TV Galaxy 19
  RTS Sat    CHINESE NTD TV Galaxy 19
  TV Polonia Polish   CHINESE Da Ai TV SatMex-6
  Tele 5    CHINESE Hwazan TV SatMex-6
  LTV World    CHINESE IF TV SatMex-6
  Simaye Azadi Persian   CHINESE Sun TV SatMex-6
  Belarus TV    CHINESE Taiwan Macroview TV SatMex-6
  Ariana Afghan Persian   CZECH BYU TV Telstar 12
  TLA TV1    DUTCH MTA International AMC-3
  Zhong    DUTCH BVN TV Galaxy 19
  NATTV    DUTCH RNW1* Galaxy 19
  HZTV    DUTCH BVN TV Telstar 12
  Persian TV1 Persian   DUTCH BYU TV Telstar 12
  Pars TV Persian   DUTCH Nederland Wereldomroep* Telstar 12
  Andisheh TV Persian   English Assorted Feeds AMC-1
  Channel One TV Persian   English Kentucky Educational AMC-1
  Good Idea TV English   English NBC News Channel AMC-1
  ITN TV Persian   English Pentagon Channel AMC-1
  Lao Thai TV Thai   English Safeway Satellite Network AMC-1
  Sabaidee Lao TV Thai   English WCPE AMC-1
  TATV    English Assorted Feeds AMC-2
  ISTV    English APTN Direct AMC-3
  Lao Overseas TV Thai   English APTN Washington AMC-3
  Impact TV    English Bloomberg Radio* AMC-3
  RTA Afghanistan Persian   English LifeChurch TV AMC-3
  Bethel TV    English MTA International AMC-3
  MEA TV    English Montana PBS AMC-3
  TV MAL    English New Mexico State U AMC-3
  Assyrisat TV Assyrian   English Patient Channel AMC-3
  RTVN TV    English PBS East AMC-3
  Asre Emrooz TV Persian   English PBS HDTV AMC-3
  ETV Channel    English PBS You AMC-3
  Iran E Aryaee TV Persian   English PBS X AMC-3
  The Univ. Network TV English   English PBS Kids AMC-3
  CTVN TV    English Tip AMC-3
  REVN TV    English WYDN-TV (Boston) AMC-3
  EBS TV    English 3ABN AMC-4
  Tasvir Iran TV Persian   English 3ABN Radio* AMC-4
  ITC TV Persian   English Adventist TV Network AMC-4
  Syrian TV Arabic   English Ford Star Dealers Network AMC-4
  Yemen TV Arabic   English Hope Channel AMC-4
  Sudan TV Arabic   English KUIL-TV (FOX - Beaumont) AMC-4
  Saudi TV Arabic   English LifeTalk Radio Network AMC-4
  Al Iragiya TV Arabic   English Lawyers TV Network AMC-4
  Abu Dhabi TV Arabic   English LLBN TV AMC-4
  Sharjah TV Arabic   English Radio 74 Internationale* AMC-4
  Oman TV Arabic   English NYN - New York Network AMC-5
  Southern Sudan TV Arabic   English OETA AMC-5
  Qatar TV Arabic   English OTB - Off Track Betting AMC-5
  Libya Al Wataniya TV Arabic   English Utah Education Net AMC-5
  Jordan TV Arabic   English Assorted Feeds AMC-6
  Saudi Quran TV Arabic   English Gospel Broadcasting Network AMC-6
  Saudi Sunnah TV Arabic   English NBC Feeds AMC-9 
  Jasmin TV    English Dish Network Promo Channel AMC-15
  Russia Today TV Russian   English Access Anik F1R
  Saudi 2 TV Arabic   English BC Legislative Assembly Anik F1R
  Kazakh TV Kazakhstan   English CKUA* Anik F1R
  Al Iraqia 2 TV Arabic   English Knowledge Network Anik F1R
  Al Jazeera English TV    English Star Choice Info Channel Anik F1R
  MCBN TV    English Viewer's Choice Preview Anik F1R
  Omid E Iran TV Persian   English Voiceprint Anik F1R
  House of Yahwe TV English   English Star Choice Subscription Programs (Canada) Anik F1R
  HPTV Persian Persian   English Gol TV Echosphere 8/10
  TBN    English Apostolic Oneness Network Galaxy 3C
  The Walk TV English   English Research Channel Galaxy 4R
  Gods Learning Channel English   English USC Distance Edu. Galaxy 4R
  Ahl e Bait    English ImaginAsian TV Galaxy 10R
  Ahl e Bait    English KAMT-LP (Amarillo) Galaxy 10R
  The Way TV English   English KBBL-AM 1350 Galaxy 10R
  Smile of a Child English   English KCBU-TV (Provo) Galaxy 10R
  Viet Tinlanh TV Vietnameseise   English KDEV-TV (Denver) Galaxy 10R
  SNTV    English KDRE-FM 101.1 Galaxy 10R
  Al Karma TV    English KFDF-TV (UPN - Fort Smith) Galaxy 10R
  ESAT    English KEGS-LP (Las Vegas) Galaxy 10R
  ATN News    English KEXP- 90.3 FM* (Seattle) Galaxy 10R
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